What is the Server Service responsible for?

Server Service, commonly known as Lanman Server, is a Microsoft Windows Server component. It allows a server to share file and print services with clients across the network.  

When a client’s redirector makes a request to a server for a shared resource, the server’s Server service responds and sends the resource to the client. 

How Is It Operated? 

The Server is a file system driver that sits above the transport driver interface (TDI) layer, allowing it to connect to any network transport layer protocol on the system. The Server, like any other file system driver, answers requests and allows people to read and write data to and from external network shares. 

There are two files that make up the Server service: 

  • The Service Control Manager (services.exe) process contains a server (or SRV) process.
  • A kernel-mode file system driver that manages all low-level Server service functions, such as file reads and writes. 

When a remote network client sends a read request to the Server on the local machine, the request is received by the network interface card (NIC) driver and forwarded up the protocol stack to SRV.sys, which sends the read information to the relevant local file system driver.

The file system driver contacts the disc system driver to read the file, and the disc subsystem driver provides the file’s contents to the file system driver, which then forwards them to SRV.sys. Srv. sys returns the information down the protocol stack to the NIC driver, which delivers it to the requesting client across the network. 

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