Gaming PC We Repair All Kinds of
LETS FIX YOUR DEVICE From personal computers to business workstation of all brands
& Laptops, iMacs or Desktop and Gaming PC’s of various brands.
We fix all types of problems.

Broken display

Do you know Laptop’s broken screen’s can be replaced? Give us a call today to discuss available options and a free quote.

Computer/Laptop Not Starting

Computer/Laptop not booting? It could be related to a corrupt operating system or hardware failure. If you are not sure please give us a call.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

A stop error or exception error, commonly called the blue screen of death (BSoD) or blue screen, is an error screen displayed on Windows computers following a fatal system error. It indicates a system crash, in which the operating system has reached a condition where it can no longer operate safely.

Sound problems

Cannot hear any sound? Headset not working? Can’t use headset for music or in Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom Meeting?


Software issue Remotely 30mins – 1hr
Hardware Issue OnSite 1 hour

WI-FI Not working

Wifi not showing up in the scan? Connected to wifi but no internet? Wifi not connecting on mobile devices?

wifi issue

No screen light

Computer/Laptop turning on but no light on the screen?  Computer/Laptop power light flashing but no display? Computer/Laptop beeping? Operating system not loading?

Discharged battery

Have to keep power plugged into your laptop all the time? Battery not lasting long enough? Laptop doesn’t turn on without power plugged in?

Replacement HDD

Computer/Laptop’s hdd died? QABIT can help you replace HDD on your computer/laptop and reinstall your favorite operating system and applications.

Replacement Memory

Computer not starting? No display when turning on? We can help find the right memory for your computer/laptop/MAC and can install it for you.

Protective glass

Laptop’s keyboard not working? Missing some characters? Needs a hard push? We can replace keyboard of your laptop.

Install & ConfigureQABIT

QABIT can install and configure your personal printers, scanners and network printers. Our specialists are helping many businesses manage their industry standard printers.

Toner, Drum or Fuser Unit Replacement

QABIT help replace toners, drums and fuser units of the printers onsite.

Network Printing and Sharing

Need to setup a printer on the network? Configure printer sharing among different users? QABIT can help you achieve this.

Get Started With Your Device Repair

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Backup and Restore
Virus and Ransomware
Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Got a software or hardware issue with your computer and not sure what to do? Give us a call today for free assessment and appointment. Contact us

Internet & Wifi Issues

Internet not working? Cannot connect to wifi? Connected to wifi but no internet? Wifi signals are weak? Contact us

Setup Printer or Configure Emails

Need to install and configure a printer? Setup printer sharing over the network? Need to configure emails or emails not working? Contact us

Hardware upgrade

Need to upgrade hardware or replace faulty hardware? Improve computer performance by replacing HDD with a SSD? Contact us

Laptop Screen/Keyboard Replacement

Laptop's lcd broken or keyboard not working or needs a new battery? Contact Us

We Fix All Computers and Laptops
QABIT provides Managed IT support services for home and businesses around Melbourne North Area.
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Cannot bring your device to our repair centers? Give us a call today and we can arrange a pickup and drop off for you or can repair at your site if possible.
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We Use Genuine Parts to Fix your Device
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Whether it’s a software related issue or hardware, you can trust our technicians. We can repair your device at your place or you can bring it to us for a free assessment and quote. Mostly hardware replacement related issues we require the device to be taken to our repair locations as it requires deep analysis.
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Your all questions are answered here about our services.

How many days it’ll take to repair a laptop?

Normally we fix a laptop or computer on the spot, in worst case scenario it will take 24 hours.

Do you fix only software or hardware issues too?

Whether issue is related to computer software or hardware you can trust QAbit for that. Worried about data loss? QAbit can assist you with the best possible backup solutions.

Will I lose my personal data while repair Laptop or Computer?

No, we use specialized tools to work on laptops and Computers and make sure we keep your data intact. But we do recommend our customers to take backups beforehand to be on safe side.

What is the Product Gurantee?

We use genuine parts and provide 30 days warranty for all repairs.

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    QABIT can offer you easy and affordable solutions for your IT related issues.