Windows server

Windows Server is a Microsoft brand name for a range of server operating systems launched in 2003. The first server edition under that moniker or brand was the Windows Server 2003 server.  

First, we will introduce you to Windows Server if you have never heard of it before. Essentially, Windows Server is an operating system designed by Microsoft for servers.   

Servers are always on and ready to be used by other computers. As a rule, this means that Windows Server is used only in corporate environments.   

Quick and Effective Windows Server Development and Maintenance Services Customized to Your Specific Requirements! 

The more successful your firm is, the more you understand the importance of computer networks. It is very important to keep your business’s systems running smoothly and efficiently with regular system maintenance.

You want a quick and efficient windows server that allows your staff and customers to carry out their daily tasks, but this requires a properly configured and managed Windows server. 

That is our role… 

Server Installation   

The Server Core installation option is available to all Windows servers.   

Server Core installation a lean set of server roles, lowering the management and maintenance requirements and attack surface. Although Windows Server is designed for businesses, it comes with a lot of business software.  

The following are some of the functions that these tools allow a server to perform:   

  1. Active Directory   

The Active Directory is a user management system that enables a server to function as a domain controller. Rather than authenticating themselves on a local computer, the domain controller manages all user account authentication.    

  1. DHCP   

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allows a server to assign IP addresses to all network devices automatically. Your router will most likely manage this at home. However, IT professionals can take advantage of Windows Server’s improved DHCP functionality in a business environment.   

  1. File and Storage   

Another typical application is to have a file server for your business. This feature allows you to store vital data in a central area and manage access permissions.   

  1. Print Services   

Configuring each printer separately for each new desktop is a waste of time for IT professionals. Instead, you can quickly map printers to computers and reduce redundant effort by setting up a print server.   

  1. Windows Update Services   

Many businesses prefer not to have all Windows updates installed at the same time. You can use a Windows Update server to distribute computer updates and specify how the updates should function.   

These are only a few of the server roles that Windows Server can perform. In addition, companies frequently use several servers, often splitting their various parts across multiple devices. 

  • The interfaces for installation   

The Server Core installation option does not include initial configuration at a command line.   

A Server Core installation does not include the whole graphical user interface (GUI). However, it is possible to utilize the command line after you have configured the server.  

Without professional help, you cannot resolve these types of technological issues at home. Therefore, if you are looking for affordable and dependable Windows server maintenance services delivered by caring professionals, call our expert. 

What solutions are available for windows server implementation and maintenance? 

You no longer need to be a computer guru to ensure your organization gets special on-demand server implementation and maintenance services. 

Users may rely on us when server difficulties, glitches, and failures occur. Our qualified experts can quickly diagnose and solve simple problems or avert significant service outages for your organization. 

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Remote Desktop Services

Nowadays, almost every PC and Mac has Remote Desktop Support installed. In reality, we are able to control your PC, server, MAC, and laptop from anywhere in the world with Remote Desktop Support.

There is no need to unplug your computer and transport it to us. There is also no requirement for us to come to you. We can handle everything from here, and you can even see the entire situation happen on your screen. Consider it similar to a player-piano, but with a keyboard in place of keys.

We can guide you with the following with our Remote Desktop Assistance:

  • Problems with the software
  • Problems with e-mail
  • Removal of viruses and spyware
  • Issues with the configuration of software, devices, and hardware
  • Upgrades and installations of computer software

Remote Desktop Support service includes:

  • We walk you through setting up Remote Desktop Support over the phone so that we can access your Pc from our headquarters.
  • After that, our professionals can gain secure access to your computer and do the same checks that would be performed on-site. 
  • While we are here, we may remotely help you. This allows us to perform diagnostics and repairs on your computer.
  • It can be done in the privacy of your home or business. Take it easy; relax, and we will handle everything else. That’s it!