Server setup

Server setup means to create a new server with the best level of security and performance from scratch. An adequately designed server may help your hosting business grow and maintain the trust of your clients. 

Setting up a server is essential for both performance and security. Therefore, we make sure all security flaws are resolved. Let us know what hosting type you want, including web hosting, database hosting, and FTP hosting. If you require a server setup with hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, or Linux, we can help you as well.  

Our Microsoft-certified experts will ensure that your server and its components perform optimally. We offer various experts who can help you with any server issue or server settings. 

In terms of server setup, we provide the following services:  

  • Backup and Recovery  

Configure backups for servers and restore a complete server or individual accounts from backup files.  

  • Installation and Configuration  

We offer support with the installation and configuration of a wide variety of services.  

  • Server auditing  

We ensure that the server is completely secure from DOS, DDOS, MALWARE, and any other form of risk with audits and patching.  

  • Server Optimization  

To get the most out of your server, optimize the webserver or database server to handle additional customers.  

  • Spam fighting  

Fix spam problems and look into the root cause.

Server Setup/ Management Services  

We offer the best server management solutions to businesses. With our most advanced tools, such as live monitoring, web monitoring, and security checks, we protect, maintain, and monitor your server. We perform a full security audit and keep your server patched for maximum security.  

  • We maintain the server’s uptime by checking all of the server’s services, including the CPU, DISK, RAM, Mail Queue, FTP, DNS, MySQL, and other services.  
  • Our operators receive extensive training and have vast experience with Linux, Windows, and other operating systems.  
  • We offer the best services for Linux server administration, cPanel server administration, Plesk server administration, Windows server administration, and proactive server administration. 

You may easily engage a server administration staff by purchasing Server Management Services. With decades of technical knowledge, we can handle every challenge without additional research. We resolve each issue immediately to avoid lengthy resolution times.  

Relax and know that your server is in professional hands, and in the case of downtime or emergency, we will take action on your behalf to restore service. Server management costs are meager with our plan in comparison to other providers.  

Plesk Server Setup/ Management  

Plesk server administration by Plesk professionals. Our staff is quite informed about the Plesk control panel and its related services. While Plesk is not as complex as cPanel, it does have many unique features such as reverse proxy Nginx, Fail Toban, and Package management.  

Plesk Server Management plan is explicitly created for Plesk-managed web hosting servers. In comparison to cPanel, unique integrations such as Nginx Proxy can be installed via updates and upgrades without requiring any human configuration.   

Our professionals will assist you in resolving any issues, configuring the control panel, and administering your customers. We support both Windows and Linux servers running Plesk.  

We will ensure that your Plesk server is kept secure and optimized. To ensure your Plesk server is always running, we will handle activities effectively. Our live monitoring system monitors over every update on your Plesk server, helping to catch errors before they happen.  

Linux Server Setup/ Management  

Do you want a Linux server administration service provider that provides you with total security and 24/7 ad-hoc server admin support? Then, we provide business-level assistance with our top-notch knowledge for making your Linux server secure and stable while also improving your online presence.  

We have a complete range of Linux server management and troubleshooting services. We guarantee 100% uptime and a secure environment for your sites. All in all, you are in the ideal place if you require hosting or server setup services: cPanel and Plesk offer well-defined, specialized plans for management.  

Your privacy is guaranteed 100%.  

We promise that all of our services are without risk to you as a client, with no money-back guarantee. You can be confident that you are incompetent hands!  

Therefore, if you seek affordable and efficient server setup services delivered by caring professionals, call us. If we are unable to resolve your issue, there is no charge. We will try to support you in any way possible. Each month, we assist hundreds of server owners in resolving common server setup issues.