Month: September 2021

Windows System Image Manager: Premium Solutions

Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) is a graphical user interface (GUI) for creating and managing answer files in Windows. Answer files are.xml files that are used to set the basic Windows installation in Windows Setup, Sysprep, Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM), and other deployment tools. Benefits/Perks of Windows System Image Manager  The following […]

Backup and Restore

Encrypt Backup-Keep Your Data Safe with Us

Encrypt backup to give you more control over your data. It’s a level of security that goes much beyond, say, an email password. If your iPhone is lost or damaged, or if you leave your PC or iPad on an airline, your data is protected by a password that only you know.  Encryption is the […]


What is the Server Service responsible for?

Server Service, commonly known as Lanman Server, is a Microsoft Windows Server component. It allows a server to share file and print services with clients across the network.   When a client’s redirector makes a request to a server for a shared resource, the server’s Server service responds and sends the resource to the client.  How […]

Servers Installation