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Home Users

we provide a range of services designed to keep your home computer and network running smoothly. From computer repair and virus removal to network setup and data recovery, we've got you covered. Our team of experts can also assist with software installation, hardware upgrades, internet troubleshooting, backup solutions, remote support, email setup, cloud services, cybersecurity, wireless networking, printer setup, spyware removal, tech support, computer training, website design, IT consulting, and even smart home integration. Let us help you with all your home IT needs.

Business Users

Managed IT services are crucial for businesses of all sizes, as they can maximize uptime, enhance security, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency. By outsourcing IT support, businesses can increase productivity, minimize risk, prevent data loss, and save time. Managed IT providers offer expertise, scalability, and cost savings, while maintaining compliance, enabling remote work, upgrading technology, and providing 24/7 monitoring. With predictable costs, business continuity, customizable solutions, proactive maintenance, and a competitive advantage, managed IT services are essential for businesses looking to stay ahead in today's fast-paced digital world.

IT Counsultancy

Our IT consultancy services offer comprehensive solutions to businesses seeking to optimize their IT operations. We provide expert advice on technology solutions, strategic planning, project management, and digital transformation. Our team of experienced IT consultants work with you to identify areas for improvement, develop a tailored plan to meet your specific business needs, and execute the plan with precision. We help you stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest technology trends, while minimizing risk and maximizing ROI. With our IT consultancy services, you can achieve your business goals faster, more efficiently, and with greater cost-effectiveness.

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QABIT - Managed IT Services

At our IT company, we believe that doing what we love is the key to providing exceptional service. Our passion for technology drives us to approach every project with enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed expectations, delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients' unique needs.

Powerful Set of our Features

Website Developement

QABIT offers professional website development services with seamless ecommerce and payment gateway integration. Our

Hardware upgrades and replacements

Hardware upgrades and replacements can be a costly and time-consuming task for many businesses.

Software installation and upgrades

At our QABIT Managed IT Services, we understand that software installation and upgrades can

Network setup and troubleshooting

A well-functioning network is essential to the smooth operation of any business, and we

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Our technical team can identify your computer problems and can offer you best possible

Backup and Restore

As digital transformation well underway, there has never been a greater demand for scalable,

Preparing for your Success,
We Provide Truly IT Solutions.

Service Guarentee

We stand behind our work and guarantee exceptional service, reliable solutions, and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

Proactive Maintenance

We offer Proactive Maintenance to our customers to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Expert Advice

Expert advice to help you stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced digital world.

Infrastructure Integration Technology

Our infrastructure integration technology provides seamless connectivity, streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and increased efficiency for your business.



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Plan for Support Subscriptions


$249 / month
  • Remote Support
  • Local Speed :Youtube, Facebook
  • Live TV : 0
  • Youtube Speed : 100mbps
  • Site Visit
  • Ftp Speed : 100mbps


$159 / month
  • Speed(1AM-8PM) : 20mbps
  • Normal Speed (8PM-1AM) : 10mbps
  • Youtube Speed : 100mbps
  • Ftp Speed : 100mbps
  • Live TV : 0
  • Local Speed :Youtube, Facebook


$199 / month
  • Speed(1AM-8PM) : 20mbps
  • Normal Speed (8PM-1AM) : 10mbps
  • Youtube Speed : 100mbps
  • Ftp Speed : 100mbps
  • Live TV : 0
  • Local Speed :Youtube, Facebook

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