Year: 2021

Windows System Image Manager: Premium Solutions

Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) is a graphical user interface (GUI) for creating and managing answer files in Windows. Answer files are.xml files that are used to set the basic Windows installation in Windows Setup, Sysprep, Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM), and other deployment tools. Benefits/Perks of Windows System Image Manager  The following […]

Backup and Restore

Encrypt Backup-Keep Your Data Safe with Us

Encrypt backup to give you more control over your data. It’s a level of security that goes much beyond, say, an email password. If your iPhone is lost or damaged, or if you leave your PC or iPad on an airline, your data is protected by a password that only you know.  Encryption is the […]


What is the Server Service responsible for?

Server Service, commonly known as Lanman Server, is a Microsoft Windows Server component. It allows a server to share file and print services with clients across the network.   When a client’s redirector makes a request to a server for a shared resource, the server’s Server service responds and sends the resource to the client.  How […]

Servers Installation

Backed up

Backed up services are one of the easiest ways to protect against data loss. If your hard drive fails, you delete valuable data by accident or become the victim of a virus.  Have you lost your data? Do not panic: not everything is lost!  Emails, essential system files, databases, CRMs, and user data files can […]

Backup and Restore

Server build

Server Build is essential for every type of server setup. As your business expands, you will need a server to properly keep your office network and business functioning. On the other hand, with so many options and important decisions to make, you may be confused.  As a company grows, it becomes more important to have […]

Servers Installation

Server configuration

Server configuration services helps you install new services smoothly and correctly. A professional hosting service would provide more control, flexibility, and efficiency than leased or shared web hosting. For website hosting needs, server setup configuration solutions are available.   For businesses, a cost-effective way to meet hosting needs is a private server solution. Organizations who want […]

Servers Installation

Server installation

Server Installation creates a lean collection of server roles, reducing maintenance and management requirements and the attack surface. A healthy server is a happy server. Anyone who runs an any kind of business is aware of the difficulties and potentially significant changes that may result from server failure.  Your server acts as the primary neurological […]

Servers Installation

Server setup

Server setup means to create a new server with the best level of security and performance from scratch. An adequately designed server may help your hosting business grow and maintain the trust of your clients.  Setting up a server is essential for both performance and security. Therefore, we make sure all security flaws are resolved. […]

Servers Installation

Computer repair

Computer Repair monitors are simple to use. If not in design: plug them in, turn them on, and look at your computer stuff in a brighter environment. Multiple reasons, including electricity and cable problems, may cause computer monitoring problems.   A blank screen is tricky to diagnose because so many things can cause it. Your whole […]

Computer Repair